I LOVE Eurovision. You get the most unique songs that you would never hear on the radio or somethings like that. I only watched the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Eurovision contest but I did watch a lot of winners from the other years on youtube. I never vote for the people who basically just have normal everyday pop songs. This year I didn’t get why Sweden got so high with the judges points because it didn’t seem like anything special.

I was watching this playlist of all the winner and I got to about 1995. Until now my top five is: 1. Molitva (Serbia) 2. Sattelite (Germany) 3. Toy (Israel) 4. Rise like a Phoenix (Austria) 5. Fly on the wings of love (Denmark). Let me know in the comments what your favourites are.


The things I know: I-2

Ignorance: I find it quite funny when people refuse to admit their ignorance. There was a kid in my brothers class who used to keep lying about clash of clans (just a video game). Whenever we asked him like what level he was or how much damage blablabla did, he just kept saying for example that he was on level 150 when the highest level is 100.

Once to make sure he was really lying one of my friends and I did a test. We asked him if he had the new laser tower (doesn’t actually exist) and he said yes. Then we told him that it actually doesn’t exist. Here comes the part about not admitting ignorance. He was suddenly flustered and said he was mixing it up with something else but that didn’t matter because we now knew for sure he was lying.

Another funny example of not admitting ignorance is in the book I’m reading now (same book I talked about in my post about headology). Theres this witch, Granny Weatherwax, and she’s part of a little band of two other witches and her. She is the most respected and best witch who also never wants to admit her ignorance on a subject. At one point the youngest and most junior witch of the group starts talking about theatre.

Granny pretends to know what it is and luckily doesn’t say anything embarrassing. Then they go to watch a travelling troupe and Granny thinks everything is real so when the king in the play is killed she starts jumping up and down on her stool screaming: “He’s killed him, he’s killed him right there in front of everybody!!!!”. At some point the audience just started thinking it was al part of the act.


The things I know: I-1

Illness: Mother nature is great and all but why did they have to make illnesses. I’m not talking about colds or even most fevers but things like cancer or Huntingtons disease. Everybody wants a new car, new smartphone, lose weight and have clothes of the newest fashion but all anybody with cancer wants is to get better. Yesterday I talked to someone whose wife had Huntingtons disease and sadly passed away. He has two children, both in their twenty’s. Of course his biggest worry are his children because it’s a fifty percent chance that the children of someone with huntingtons disease will also get huntingtons disease.

When you get huntingtons disease from your father it’s way worse than if you get it from your mother. It’s also worse for boys/men then for girls/women. His son wants children and now-a-days you can get the sperm/eggs that have huntingtons disease out and keep the ones without in. It’s very expensive to do that though (come on trump!!!). I admire this son because he will try to do that test but doesn’t want to know if he has huntingtons disease or not so he can live a normal life. In general I admire people with bad illnesses who just keep trying and fighting.

Muslim and Hindu ceremonies

For some strange reason whenever I think about ceremony’s I think about big Muslim or Hindu ceremonies. I think it’s just because I think those are the most impressive. I really admire muslims for their ceremony’s. Right now the Ramadan is going on and think it’s amazing how millions and millions of Muslims aren’t eating from the moment the sun goes up until it goes down to respect that they have food unlike other people in the world.

Ganesh Chaturthi is also a wonderful Hindu ceremony where hindus spend MONTHS working with their family to make an absolutely stunning statue of Ganesh, one of their most important gods. Ganesh-Chaturthi-OR-Vinayaka-Chaturthi-Story-Behind-This-Celebration

Ganesha is an elephant god that is the god of wisdom, remover of obstacles and protects travellers.

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Why fortnite is not destroying our brains

This is the first post in a while that doesn’t have to do with The things I know so it may be. a little long and thats why I haven’t blogged for the last couple days.

There are lots of people saying fortnite (or just games in general) is bad for your health. I totally get it. Fortnite is addictive, lots of people play it to much, you’re shooting people and being violent. But there is actually no scientific proof that fortnite is bad for your brain. The reason I’m talking specifically about fortnite is because it’s getting most of the comments like: ‘fortnite is bad for you’.

Also it’s the most popular game in the world right now. The reason why other people think fortnite is the worst for your brain is because they say it’s more addictive then other games. That’s not true at all. It’s actually less addictive then lots of other games because: 1. lots of other games have rewards that you get daily when you log on, fortnite doesn’t have that. You can stay offline for a month and you won’t get any disadvantages.

2. With other games you can buy stuff with either real money or in-game money and from the things you buy you get better weapons or stuff like that. In fortnite you can buy stuff but they’re only cosmetic and don’t grant any in-game advantages. The things you buy in fortnite do give you (in my opinion) a sense that you’re better and I think by thinking you’re better you also get better but you can still be just as good as someone who bought stuff when you didn’t buy anything.

3. Another reason people might say fortnite is more addictive than other games is because it has new weapons, game-modes or other suff like that (in other words updates) every few days. This makes people really want to see what’s in the new update. Fortnite really can’t do anything about this. They totally didn’t expect that they’re game would become so popular. That may not seem like adequate reason but because they didn’t expect to become so popular they didn’t think to need a lot of updates over time. Then 50 million people started playing it. To their gamers happy they had to have a lot of updates and because they didn’t have a very updated game at the beginning they had to do all their updates in a very short time.

You shouldn’t say a particular game is more addictive then other games just because it’s better.




The things I know: H-2

Headology: The first thing you’re probably thinking is why I decided to write about a word that isn’t a word at all. You may be thinking I made up this word but I didn’t. It was Terry Pratchett, author of discworld  a hilarious forty-book series. In his third book (equal rites) a witch teaches a wizard to-be all about Headology.

Now back to the definition of headology. Headology is simply how people think. For example: in his book there are a bunch of wizards about to perform The rite of blablabla (not the actual name) in front of a lot of people and you can do that spell with two mm of mouse blood and an eagle feather but the wizards decide to do it with tons of mouse blood, lots of eagle feathers, big pots in a circle where explosions are coming from and all that just to make it look more impressive to the ordinary people.

another example of headology is that there is a witch who is telling the future and if what she tells her clients about their future is positive then they believe it but if it’s negative they will say it’s BS. Headology isn’t only in book though. It’s everywhere around us. The general conclusion to me is that people think what they want to think.

The things I know: H-1

Horoscopes: I really don’t get horoscopes (I guess it doesn’t really fit with the things I KNOW but still…). How could you believe that someone knows whats going to happen to you today based on when you were born!!! And somehow it’s the same for a LOT of people. Also, for example, Ares’s constellation looks nothing like a ram: aries-stars

Hasn’t anybody who reads their horoscope every day think: ‘Hey why is it that ALL my horoscopes never turn out to be true’. People will literally make up excuses to prove that the horoscope actually got it right but in some vague way that nobody except that person gets. In short I think horoscopes are idiotic.

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