The Liefde (continuation 2)

Sorry for not posting for so long but there was an exam week and studying took up all of my time for about two weeks and the week before that I was in vacation in Paris so I was visiting a bunch of places and studying so I didn’t blog.

All of sudden a heavy silence covered the room. Why was he in this room? Casper stepped in front of his brother trying to hide him. Hans was shaking like a leaf in the wind.
“How can we help you , sir ?” intervened Alexey.
The first mate did not have a friendly face. With his dark eyes he scrutinised everybody and everything. And than , like a thunder , his voice struck : “Casper!”
For a moment Cas felt like he was falling into the darkest abyss.
But than Alexey threw himself in front of Cas, puts his strong arms around his shoulders and push him right in front of the first mate.
“I present you, sir, Casper, the most courageous sailor I’ve ever encountered.”
Then there was a powerful force to give him back his strength . Chin up, straight shoulders, Cas saluted proudly: “At your service, sir”.

“The captain wanted to speak with you,” The first mate said gruffly, “He said to meet him in his chambers at sundown”. He gave Alexey a bit of a weird look and raised an eyebrow, as if to say: Geeze, I was just bringing a message. Then the first mate walked out of the door. Cas breathed a sigh of relief and Hans stopped trembling. “Well,” Cas said to Hans, “You certainly could’ve picked a better time to come in.” “At least he didn’t see Hans,” Alexey replied. ” “Well, I guess I’m happy with that, but the reason the captain wants to speak to me can’t be good either because with hundreds of people on this ship a captain isn’t going to call in a simple shipmate like me to his room just because he wants to compliment me or whatever; I must be in trouble for some reason.” “In any case,” Alexey said whilst looking out of the window, “you better hurry up because it looks like you’ve only got about an hour.”



  The Underland Chronicles

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I would reccomend this series for ages 11 (if you fairly advanced and can deal with some death and sad parts) to age 16, it would still be fun then but maybe a little cheesy or just too kiddy in general.

The Underland chronicles is a 5-book series and each book can range from 300-350 pages. Probably the first thing that caught you eye is the name of the author in the picture above, and yes, this series is by Suzanne Collins, the author of The Hunger Games. I read this series twice completely through. The first time was when I was almost ten and the second when I was eleven (yes, I know I’m a hypocrite, but Probably with all the books on my list I’ve read it at a younger age then I recommend them for so stop complaining😤).


Gregor, the main character, is living a normal life with his single mom (his dad dissapeared one day never to be found) and little sister when he find a huge whole in the laundry room at the bottom of the apartment building he lives in. Gregor’s little sister boots, falls in the hole and Gregor follows. They come out in an underground world where rodents and insects are as big if not bigger than normal people. They also find humans by being brought to their city Regalia by riding on the backs of two cockroaches. In Regalia Gregor meats Luxa, the future queen and her cousin Howard. When Gregor arrives he realises that this city is not modern and does not have technology or gunpowder. Gregor is welcomed warmly and he realizes that there is a prophecy about two overlanders (Someone who lives in the normal world) that will travel with eight underlanders to save a captured overlander. Gregor is discovered to be the “warrior” that the prophecy speaks of (Boots is the other overlander). Gregor has to, unwillingingly, make the journey with Luxa, Henry, some cockroaches, bats, spiders and ripred the rat. During the whole series Regalia is at war with the rat kingdom (ripred is a traiter to his kind so he’s good). Throughout the series Gregor keeps helping Regalia with problems (not allways for selfless reasons as he once had a plaugue that would kill him if he didn’t find the cure in the underands). He gets very attached to the city and gets a crush on Luxa and it’s hard for him to go back to his mother eventually.

  Pros and cons

Well, as you probably already guessed because of the author, the writing was GREAT. the storyline made sense and everything was clear. There weren’t any cheesy parts. The plot of every book in the series was great and I got hooked immediately (that’s why read the series twice). There were great and interesting moral conflicts. There weren’t only happy parts but also sad parts and death/betrayal. Everything that happened in the series had a reason and made sense so when Gregor kept staying in the Underlands after every book instead of going home there were either good moral reasons or other good reason (like having a plague that can only be cured in the Underlands). All in all this was an amazing series and I give it a 9.5.

My favourite fantasy books/ series and why I like them/summaries. (I recommend all of them) part 1

This list is going to go in order from the youngest age I would recommend these books for to the oldest.

  Rangers apprentice

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I think this would be fun for ages 10 (if your fairly advanced and can deal with some sad parts) – 14 (I think it would maybe get a bit kiddy/cheesy after that but 15 may still be good)

I read rangers apprentice when I was nine, I read a lot for kids my age so I was very advanced, (I was and still am also very humble😉) then reread it like one and a half years later. Rangers Apprentice is a thirteen-book series, each book containing approximately 250-350 pages. I loved all thirteen books both times.


It’s hard to give a short summary of a 13-book series but I’ll try: Rangers Apprentice plays out in the middle-ages–as in theres no guns but swords and kings–but it’s still a fantasy world and nothing in it has any historical relevance. It starts off with a teenager (14 I think) whose name is Will. Will’s father died in battle just after Will was born and Will’s mother got sick soon after her husbands death. Will was left on the doorstep of the baron of Redmont (the castle he lived in). Will was cared for in a group with four other orphans. When it was time for everybody in the city to chose a job to train for the orphans all knew what they would pick. All of the other orphans were accepted except for Will who wanted to go to the warrior school. When Will was turned down though, a man came out of the crowd and chose Will to be his apprentice. This man was part of the Ranger Corps, an elite force of spies and problem solvers. Will was trained under his master Halt and learned archery like no-one out of the ranger corps could and was also trained in sneaking and camouflaging. Throughout the series new problems come up in the kingdom of Araluen and Will is sent out to fix many of them with his master Halt. I won’t explain the plot of every book in the series but suffice it to say that every problem was completely unique and original so it wasn’t like every book a new bad guy comes and leads an army to take over the world.

pros and cons

It was a very exciting series throughout the whole thing and I just couldn’t stop reading it, even the second time. It wasn’t all goody goody because there were situations where characters that you could grow attached to died and “the good guys” didn’t always win (they did often get saved at the last moment so it’s not to heartbreaking for kids). The character development was very good and you really got what was going on inside the main characters mind. Personally I loved the element of kickass where you just feel like “Ha, serves you right” or something like that. The writing was about average so not really special but the story definitely compensates for that. I didn’t like the last four or five books as much because by then the “good guys” were saved so often at the last moment that it became very predictable and you were never really scared that they would lose. That said it was still a great series and my final evaluation is an 8 

The Liefde (continuation on Unknown title) continuation 1

Casper was thunderstruck.  “Hans, what are you doing here? Get down quick! Oh god, the ship is already too far from the shore! What am I going to do with you?” Cas was desperate. Hans was only fifteen. It’s true that he was strongly built and had a sharp mind for his age, but the rules are clear. Eighteen! You have to be at least eighteen to work on the ship. Casper new that he was already in trouble. The solution was one and only one. He must hide his brother. But where? “Lets go quick, Hans. My room is big. I’ll find a place for you there.” He grabbed his brother by his arm and pushed him down the stairs. Cas opened the door of his room and… what ? There were seven other sailors, every one trying to hang their hammock, getting ready for the night. Poor Casper, he understands now. He is going to share his big room with seven other sailors and now one more, his brother. The tallest among the sailors looks down on Casper and with a thundering voice explains: “On the first deck only the captain and his officers have separate rooms with normal beds. And don’t worry, your brother is safe among us. Big ship, lots of peoples.”
He had a strong foreign accent. “My name is Alexey and I am from Russia.”

Alexey was strongly built and he towered above Cas. Now that they were off the deck though Cas had to talk to Hans. “Hans, what the hell were you thinking! how did you even get on the boat?” Hans didn’t seem so cheerful anymore. “I just wanted to be part of everything,” he said. Then added more softly “And I wanted to be with you”. “That’s all good and well Hans but what about mother! She’ll be worried sick if she knows you’ve gone with me. and you know you have to be eighteen!” “It’s ok,” Hans said in a confident voice Cas knew was fake, “I’ll be very useful and I won’t be a burden. I’ll stay out of sight and I’ll even do all your chores in your room just as long as you guys don’t tell the captain.” The sailors nodded reluctantly in agreement but Cas wasn’t done with him. “What did you tell mother when you ran off like that?” “I just told that I was gonna go play with some friends” Hans replied. Cas sighed. Then the first mate walked in.

story (I havn’t thought of a name yet)

My grandmother and I are doing a kind of game where she writes a paragraph (or more) of a story we´re developing and then I continue on what she wrote and then it’s her turn again and then me etc.

Once upon a time…
1598  in the port of Rotterdam. Five sailing boats were getting ready to start a journey which was going to change the face of the world.
Casper was one of the sailors. He was excited. His patience was running out.
“Cas, (his friends call him that) hey, Cas, the boat is ready “. And, oh, how ready he was!
He turned, took a last look from the shore and, yes,  “Liefde” was ready.
He held his mother tight not wanting to see the tears in her eyes. Hiding his emotions he ran to join the brave men of the “Liefde” crew.
It was going to be a very long journey. Only the ones with passion, courage and love for adventure were going to survive.
The sails are high up and the five monumental boats, the best in the world, started moving slowly, very slowly. Soon the port of Rotterdam was going to be a memory.

Though Casper was bored and impatient while he was waiting, now he couldn’t have been more excited. It was finally happening! He tried not to think of his mother whilst the port was fading out of his eyesight. The ship was huge! It was the biggest he had ever been on and it was at least 100 meters along its length. And there were 3 other floors under the main deck! The ship was also beautifully built. The sides were painted in lines of black and red and he hadn’t expected to be in a room with only 14 other sailors. The deck was also very clean but he didn’t expect that to last very long without any disobedient sailers. “Hey Casp!” yelled one of the crew. his name was Hans, he was Casper’s younger brother. Hans was standing near the bow of the ship and he was waving excitedly.

Trump supporters will support Trump with undying love no matter what he says

I have recently watched a few videos on youtube of the daily show with Trevor Noah. On this channel there is a subsection that’s called: Jordan Klepper fingers the pulse. In these videos Jordan Klepper, a journalist, interviews Trump supporters mostly but also democrats. In one of these videos he interviews Trump supporters at a rally to ask them about what they think of his “locker room talk”. Some answers were very surprising.

Two men said that they thought that it was completely moral to “grab her by the p****” and many others Jordan interviewed agreed with that statement. When Jordan asked them to elaborate most of the men actually implied they’d done it themselves once or twice. When Jordan interviewed the women at the Trump rally many of them said that it was just how boys talked and that all men talked like that. A funny part in this video was when Jordan left a young man completely flustered after using a very simple counterpoint to his argument. The young man was saying that that was just how men talked but when Jordan asked him if he talked to his father or his friends that way and if his friends talked to him that way and even if he ever heard anyone talk that way and the answer was no to every one of those questions. The most surprising response though, was a man who said he had proof that what Trump did was moral. He said he asked all the women at the rally and that have of them “wouldn’t mind” being grabbed by the p**** if it was Trump. In a different video Jordan asked Trump supporters what it would take for them not to vote for him and the most common answer was “nothing”. Apparently if he did stab someone on 54th street most people would still vote for him. I guess he’s just so good for The US that we need him no matter what. *sigh*.

The Eye of The Sphinx: Full story

this is the full story of the eye of the sphinx and in case you haven’t been following the segments you can just read this in one post.

135 B.C.


It was just a normal day in Omdurman. The streets were filled with traders, shopkeepers, apprentices, shoppers and mainly, beggars. This last category is what Ali’s family was. His grandmother is much too old to work. His sister Chione is only eight years old so she is too young to work. Both Ali’s parents died before he was born for unknown reasons, unknown by Ali at least. To pay for food, Ali’s grandmother and Chione beg throughout the day. So that leaves Ali. He is 14 and old enough to work but nobody will take him as an apprentice. This is because many people think he is cursed because of what happened to his parents. That leaves only one other job: Stealing.

Sometimes Ali got caught and sometimes he didn’t. Sometimes he came home beaten up and with no money and sometimes he came home with enough for a good meal for everybody. Ali was a very minor thief because most rich people had too many guards to steal from. His life has always been the same: Wake up, buy breakfast for everyone (if he had enough pearls), start his thieving, come home, have dinner (if he had enough pearls), and then go to bed.

One day he was coming home from his “job” and he passed by his sister’s usual begging spot, but she wasn’t there. He saw his grandmother on the ground. There was no heartbeat. There wasn’t a mark on her so he had no idea what had happened. It could have been natural causes, considering her age. Suddenly, he heard screaming and shouting from an alleyway and he started running towards it. “Chione, Chione!” Ali shouted. But a man was blocking the alleyway. Behind the huge man, he could see shady men taking his sister forwards. “Chione, I’m coming!” With the thieving skills and nimbleness of a fourteen-year-old Ali sprinted forwards and ducked under the huge man’s arm. He ran to catch up with the mysterious men, but they were well trained and it was hard to keep up. He still kept running and running but he was losing them and he was getting tired.

Suddenly, he was pulled into an alleyway by a strange man. In all his rage and panic, Ali was a bit delusional. “GET OFF ME YOU MONGREL, THEY HAVE MY SISTER AND I WAS ABOUT TO CATCH THEmmm…..” He trailed off as he realized he had been hit on the head with a  club. “I’m sorry,” the strange man said, “…but it is better this way”. Then everything went black.

Ali woke up thinking, for a few seconds, that he was at home on a normal day but when he looked around there was nothing familiar. Suddenly there was a huge blast of pain from his head and he remembered all of yesterday’s events. Ali assumed that he was in the man’s house that had taken him into that alleyway. Just as he was thinking this the man came in the room. “So, let’s start with introductions. My name is Mura and I’m 56 years old. Now you.”

“M-my name is Ali and I need to get to my sister quickly; she’s been kidnapped!”

“Woah! Now we’ll get to that later, besides that was 6 days ago.”

“WHAT! How am I ever going to catch up with the kidnappers and save my sister?”

“You’re not going to catch up with those guys before they reach their base. They’re probably already halfway to Kemet by now.”

“Well, then I need to get to Kemet fast because who knows what they will do to my sister.”

“You’re going to need training and you’re going to need some background on this cult that has kidnapped your sister”

“So are you willing to teach me this?”

“Well, all the other people I have helped have never come back so what makes you think you’ll be any different?”

“Please help me. I need to get to my sister. I swear I’ll be able to save her.”

Ali eventually convinced Mura to start teaching Ali basic fighting, endurance, and the weaknesses of this cult and what they do. Most people call this cult “The Arcanum Umbra”. It has around 700 members and their home base is in Kemet, but people only know that the entrance to it is somewhere in a sphinx, but no-one knows exactly where. They’re known to kidnap people with unusual ancestry, but nobody knows why. “Faster! Harder! Better!” Mura was not a very forgiving teacher. Over time while Ali was training with Mura he got to know a bit of Mura’s past. The reason that he knew so much about The Arcanum Umbra was because he also had a family member kidnapped and taken away. It was his mother and when she was taken he was only 10 years old; just old enough to know his mother well and love her a lot but just young enough to make the loss that much more devastating. He has tried but has never found his mother in all his years searching. She would have, of course, passed away by now. Mura has held a grudge against The Arcanum Umbra all his life because of this incident. That is why he was so willing to help any other who had gone through the same thing as him. He has helped other people before Ali and when he deemed them ready and they set off he has never seen them again. All this made Mura hard and he was determined not to fail again.

Ali was a fast learner and he quickly began to learn how to wield a sword and a spear. He trained every day for two years to improve everything he needed to get into the Sphinx. Eventually, the suspense got too much. He couldn’t stand the feeling that his sister may be suffering, or worse, dead. He told Mura how he wanted to go after them now and that he was ready. Mura responded “Are you sure you want to go now? What if you just disappear like everyone else?”

“I won’t, I’m ready to save my sister,” said Ali confidently.

“There is a test I made up and if you pass it then I will see if you are truly ready.”

“Ok then, what’s the test?”

“Are you sure you want to do it now?”

“Yes Yes, now tell me what it is!” shouted Ali.

“It will be dangerous,” Mura warned.


“It won’t be easy”


Mura told Ali about a different group that was similar to The Arcanum Umbra. It attempted to copy what they did by also kidnapping children except instead of using them for some unknown reason they sold them to The Arcanum Umbra. “This group is usually called ‘Opus’. It’s not as advanced in fighting and running as the Arcanum Umbra, but it should still be quite a handful for a boy like you. If you manage to get out of their base with a kidnapped child without my help, then Ali I deem you ready”

“Where is this base then?” Ali asked, sounding determined.

“You’ll have to figure that out for yourself. And if you ever want to find the entrance to the sphinx then you’ll need to learn some important interrogation skills because this is going to be easy compared to what comes next.”

The next day, Ali set out in town to find out where Opus was. He was looking for especially shady streets where some bad people might be hanging out. Of course, he knew exactly where to look because of the people he used to know and work with. He found a middle-aged man who looked like he may have some knowledge about gangs and cults.

“Hey, do you mind if I ask you a couple questions?”

“Well that depends on what kind of questions, boy.” said the man.

“Have you by chance ever heard of a group called Opus?”

“Who’s asking?”

“Just someone who has some business to take care of,” Will said a bit suspiciously.

“I’ve heard… rumours” The other man said.

“Have you seen anybody shady running a specific direction while dragging an unwilling person along?”

“Let me ask you a question boy. If I knew where Opus was then why would I tell someone like you? You know what, you know too much already, I guess I’ll have to kill you then.”

Suddenly the man pulled a knife out of his pocket and swung at Ali. Ali jumped out of the way just in time and he also drew his dagger. “We don’t have to do it this way,” Ali said, but the man wasn’t listening. He tried to swing at Ali again but Ali parried and that made the knife fall out of the man’s hand. Ali went up to him and put his dagger to the man’s throat and he surrendered. After some interrogating and maybe just a few threats Ali found out that this person works for Opus. A while later Ali finally got him to reveal the location of Opus. It was close to dark when Ali got to Opus’ hideout. There were 15 guards patrolling the area, but Ali was very good with stealth, so it wasn’t a great challenge to sneak around them and get to the back entrance (every criminal hideout has to have a back door).

There were also two guards at this door. He was trained to use slingshots so he slung a rock at one guard while he dashed forward and knocked the other out with the flat of his dagger blade so they both wouldn’t make any sound. He grabbed a key off one of the guard’s belts and used it to unlock the door. He went inside and found himself in a gigantic hall. In the middle of it was a single child surrounded by more guards. They saw him and Ali grabbed his sword and started fighting. He had already dealt with eight of the ten guards when the child started crying. He looked about seven years old. Quickly, Ali dashed up to the kid and scooped him up. “Just hang on tight and I’ll get you out of here” He ran out of the back door again, but the guards didn’t follow. Presumably, they were frightened because of what Ali had done to the rest of the guards. Ali ran a different way then he came in because he wanted to throw off the guards that were guarding the main entrance. He came out onto the street and kept running. When it seemed like the guards would never catch up Ali set the child down. “Do you know where your mom is?” “I-I-I think it’s just a few blocks down.” Suddenly, Mura appeared on the corner. “I see you’ve done your job well. Take the child home then meet me back at the house. Ali had a good night’s sleep and the next day he set off to Kemet with all the supplies he needed.

The journey was about a week long of heavy walking but there was no unusual trouble on the way. When he finally got to Kemet he was extremely excited to see his sister again. He asked a lot of townspeople where he should go to find the sphinx and they were more than willing to tell him because they all hated The Arcanum Umbra. He went to the Sphinx and there he saw nothing that was out of the ordinary, but when he put his ear to the stone he thought he could hear faint screaming. He looked at the whole sphinx but couldn’t find anything that resembled an entrance. When he looked at the Sphinx again he thought that there might be a hidden panel somewhere in the stone. He couldn’t find anything. Then he realized that if he were in the Arcanum Umbra he would put the entrance in the hardest part of the Sphinx to get to the head. Ali climbed up to it and pressed one eye. Nothing happened. Then he pressed the other eye and it opened up. He had finally found the entrance. Ali surveyed the inside of the Sphinx and it was huge. There were hundreds of cult members and it seemed to him that it would be a lot easier to rescue his sister using stealth. There were a bunch of children in the middle of the sphinx and guards all around them. He descended a staircase and hid behind a pile of bricks. He looked beside him and realized he was standing very close to a cult member. He had a plan. Ali smacked the guard on the side of his head with the flat of his blade and the guard became unconscious. Ali stole his clothes and went forward to the children.

“Hey what are you doing here?” a cult member asked.

“Ummm… the boss wanted to see the child named Chione.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yup I’m completely sure.”

“Well take her then.”

Ali took Chione to the entrance and she didn’t recognize him yet. Then when he was almost at the entrance the cult member he had talked to moments ago shouted “Hey, where are you going? That’s the entrance, not the bosses room.” Ali dashed out the door while picking up Chione and he ran down the Sphinx and into the town. He ran as far as he could before he put her down and took his mask off. “Ali!” Chione said in a delighted tone “How did you find me!?”

“It’s great to see you, Chione, but we have a long way to go and we can catch up then.”

On the journey home, Ali and Chione had more than enough time to talk about what had happened to them in the past two years. Because Chione was not trained on endurance it took a few days longer to walk back to Nubland than it did for Ali to get to Kemet. Ali decided to introduce Chione to Mura.

When they got back to Nubland, Ali told her the bad news about their grandmother but it turned out that she already knew what happened because she was there. Ali took Chione to Mura’s house and they knocked on his door. “Who’s there?” Mura said.

“It’s me, Ali, and I have someone I would like you to meet.” The door opened and Mura stepped out.

“Ali, I’m so glad to see you, and I assume this young lady is your sister, Chione.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Mura, I’ve heard a lot about you,” Chione said. They shook hands And Mura led them inside his house. He gave them food and something to drink.

At the end of the night Mura asked: “So, I could take you home if you like.”

Chione responded in a sad tone, “We don’t have a home anymore and we have no-one to take care of us anymore.”

“Well, sometimes it is a bit lonely in here and I could use some help shutting down The Arcanum Umbra,” Mura said softly.

“Are you saying we could live with you?” Chione asked.

“Ummm… I guess so,” Mura mumbled.

They helped people who had family members who were taken by The Arcanum Umbra. Slowly they figured out what The Arcanum Umbra were doing and why they were doing it. Slowly they were shutting it down and at the end of this, they were planning on completely destroying The Arcanum Umbra.

The End