The Things I know: F-2

Fortnite: Some of you may already know fortnite. For those of you who don’t, here is a quick introduction to fortnite:

Basically you begin by jumping out of a flying bus with a hangglider (that part isn’t very realistic). You fly to a spot on the map, get loot and then start killing people. I know, the last part probably sounds like every other game you’ve ever seen played. Fortunately fortnite also has some very unique features. These are also mostly why the game got so popular.

  • Its a hundred player game so its very hard to win. It also makes the gameplay not boring as in you have to look everywhere to find somebody.
  • You can build. There are three different materials: wood (the least strong), stone (pretty strong), metal (very strong). This may not seem like a big difference but you have a HUGE advantage if you build forts (hence the name: fortnite) so that other people can’t hit you.
  • Unlike pubg (a game that looks a lot like fortnite) fortnite is completely cartoonie. This may not seem like an advantage but it is, because way younger kids get to play fortnite now because there parents don’t think the graphics are too real and theres no blood.
  • Fortnite is free. This is also unlike pubg, whitch costs $29,99.

The reason that I’m comparing pubg so much to fortnite is because before fortnite got popular pubg had 40 million players. Now pubg has “only” 25 million and fortnite 50 million.

playstation and X-box are making a lot of money off of fortnite to. Of course Epic Games (the company that made fortnite) is making a lot to. The reason that ps and X-box are making money off of fortnite is because lots of people (three that I alone know) are buying ps or X-box purely to play fortnite on it.

Anyway those are my thoughts about fortnite, hope you enjoyd and here’s the link to my moms blog:


The things I know: D-5

DNA: I find DNA and genetics very interesting. They combine the personality traits and the appearance to make someone similar to both but not exactly. DNA is not perfect. Every time someone is born mutations happen. Lets take the example of bears. At first there where just bears. Then (eventually) a major mutation happened. At the time that bears were being more driven towards he colder part of the earth a bear got born with a little more resistance against cold. He/she mated with another bear and got children.

Then Their child mated with another bear and the mother mated with a different one then the first. Eventually there were lots of bears with just a little bit more cold resistance. When two bears with a little more cold resistance mated then they got one bear with more cold resistance then at first. That went on for a long time until you got the first polar bear.



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The things I know: D-4

Denial: I hate it when people are in denial. They deny everything and everyone. At the moment my brother is in denial. He got frustrated at a video game and then took out his anger on me. Then he went stomping off to play video games, he locked all the doors and kept denying that he was over his screen-time. When people are in denial they don’t pay attention to the outside world. To me whenever people are in denial they trie to hold a grudge even when it’s not relevant anymore. When you are in denial you trie not to let it go. That is very, very irritating to me.

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The things I know: D-3

Defence: Syria is a compleet and utter mess. Asad is trying to conquer his own country which is basically nothing more then rubble. The rebels are losing big time and nobody will help. Sure, The United States for example sends some troops now and then but the problem is (this is very infuriating to me) THEY ONLY SEND LITTLE TRICKLES OF TROOPS. If The United States sent al the troops they have sent so far to help at the same time then the rebels would probably already have won.

The problem with sending trickles is: 100 troops get sent to help the rebels. After 4 months they are all dead. Then they send another 100. After four months they are all dead. This keeps happening, lets say, 20 times. If al those 2000 troops would have been sent at once it would have gone better. Your either all in with helping or you don’t help. There is nothing in between.

The things I know: D-2

Difference: My mom always tells me she wants me to make a difference in the world. To save lives and help other people. Lots of people want to be doctors to save lives and to help people. Now, I have nothing against doctors but people who want to be doctors probably didn’t think about two things. 1: They forgot (not always but often. I did it to) that doctors aren’t surgeons. Save about 140 lives in there life span, but doctors only about three. I think that if you save any lives you’ve done well in life but of course you would rather save more then less lives.

2: There are other things you can do that, in the long run, save more lives. For example: Stanislav Petrov most probably also saved your life. He was just another officer in the Soviet union but on the 26th of September, 1983 Petrov was working at the command center Oko for nuclear early warning when the system reported that a missile had been launched from the united states followed by five more. Petrov thought the reports to be a false alarm, and his decision to disobey orders against Soviet military protocol, stopped the Soviet union from launching an enormous retaliatory nuclear attack on the United States and NATO. In other words he prevented a full-blown nuclear war that might have wiped out civilization. Be what you want to be, wether it’s a doctor or a teacher, as long as you help other people.

The things I know: D-1

Drugs: I just did a school project on drugs and addiction, so I feel like I know a lot about it. My father is a neuroscientist and a psychologist. He has about 5 clients that have/had addiction problems and other psychological problems. I could write lots of pages about serious problems with drugs but I’l try to keep it reasonably brief. There are tons of different kinds of drugs and some are actually life-threatening.

When most people think about drugs they think about marijuana (weed), heroine, cocaine, meth and a few more of that type of drugs — yes, these are very serious. But there are so many other drugs that nobody considers to be drugs. Advil– just your everyday headache pill– is also a drug just like painkillers or laugh gas, which is used in hospitals. Many people think of opiates to be the only harmful drug but theres a difference between opiates and other drugs. You can, of course, get addicted to both but the ones that people fear are the opiates, because, yes, they are more lethal and so easy to overdose.

The things I know: C-2

Cats: I really want cats. My brother does too but my dad doesn’t. That is why I wrote this:



We, Ruben Lewis and Julian Lewis, would like to state an official plea for two kittens. Now, we know that you object but we would like to state the reasons that it might not be so bad to have a couple of kittens.


  1. Kittens are the cutest things ever.
  2. you will always be able to pet them and cuddle them however you feel.
  3. they will always be by your side even when you are feeling lonely or sad.
  4. You don’t have to pay attention to them when you don’t want to, they always have each other to play with because if we are getting kitten’s then we will get two.
  5. you don’t have to walk them every day like dogs because if you train them well, which isn’t hard, they can just go inside their litterbox.


Now you might say:

  1. You: “They would make such a mess everywhere they went and I would have to clean it all up.” Me: “Ruben and I will do all the cleaning whether it’s cleaning up the hair that they shed or if they missed the litterbox while peeing.
  2. You: “It will be a pain to always go to a pet store to buy food for thekittens.” Me: “there’s tons of kitten food that you can get at the spar and the Albert Hein.” (the Albert Hein is a super market in the netherlands)3. You: “It’s too hard to travel if we have cats.” Me: I have lots of friends who have cats and would want to take care of ours while we are away. There are also friends of you or of Ruben and I that don’t have a cat but would be delighted to take care of one for a little while. Also if it’s a long vacation we can just take the kittens with us.”


ps. In my word document i had pictures but they didn’t get copied in to wordpress )-:

pps. comment as to if you think my dad should get us kittens

ppps. I actually wrote this without my brother (Ruben) but it’s just that we both want kittens


Now back to the things I know: After the summer vacation I will be on a sabbatical to Canada and my dad says that we might get kittens after the sabbatical.