The things I know: A-3

First I want to say I’m sorry for not posting on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I was sick and had a bad headache so i couldn’t sit in front of a screen for any long periods. To make up for not posting I will post three things today and three tomorrow so that i haven’t mist anything.

Alpaca’s: Just as a foreword: if you don’t know what an alpaca is then you haven’t lived yet so here’s an introduction to the kinds of alpaca’s:  anyway  I know that alpaca’s are extremely fluffy and that a shop in the Netherlands (Iv’e been there) sells alpaca stuffed animals that have actual alpaca fur on them and that alpaca fur is literally softer then cashmere (witch is also very soft). I know that when the water level in the Netherlands rose a lot (a few months ago) that a kid with his family had almost lost all of there alpaca’s in there alpaca farm )-:


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