The things I know: C-2

Cats: I really want cats. My brother does too but my dad doesn’t. That is why I wrote this:



We, Ruben Lewis and Julian Lewis, would like to state an official plea for two kittens. Now, we know that you object but we would like to state the reasons that it might not be so bad to have a couple of kittens.


  1. Kittens are the cutest things ever.
  2. you will always be able to pet them and cuddle them however you feel.
  3. they will always be by your side even when you are feeling lonely or sad.
  4. You don’t have to pay attention to them when you don’t want to, they always have each other to play with because if we are getting kitten’s then we will get two.
  5. you don’t have to walk them every day like dogs because if you train them well, which isn’t hard, they can just go inside their litterbox.


Now you might say:

  1. You: “They would make such a mess everywhere they went and I would have to clean it all up.” Me: “Ruben and I will do all the cleaning whether it’s cleaning up the hair that they shed or if they missed the litterbox while peeing.
  2. You: “It will be a pain to always go to a pet store to buy food for thekittens.” Me: “there’s tons of kitten food that you can get at the spar and the Albert Hein.” (the Albert Hein is a super market in the netherlands)3. You: “It’s too hard to travel if we have cats.” Me: I have lots of friends who have cats and would want to take care of ours while we are away. There are also friends of you or of Ruben and I that don’t have a cat but would be delighted to take care of one for a little while. Also if it’s a long vacation we can just take the kittens with us.”


ps. In my word document i had pictures but they didn’t get copied in to wordpress )-:

pps. comment as to if you think my dad should get us kittens

ppps. I actually wrote this without my brother (Ruben) but it’s just that we both want kittens


Now back to the things I know: After the summer vacation I will be on a sabbatical to Canada and my dad says that we might get kittens after the sabbatical.


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