The things I know: D-2

Difference: My mom always tells me she wants me to make a difference in the world. To save lives and help other people. Lots of people want to be doctors to save lives and to help people. Now, I have nothing against doctors but people who want to be doctors probably didn’t think about two things. 1: They forgot (not always but often. I did it to) that doctors aren’t surgeons. Save about 140 lives in there life span, but doctors only about three. I think that if you save any lives you’ve done well in life but of course you would rather save more then less lives.

2: There are other things you can do that, in the long run, save more lives. For example: Stanislav Petrov most probably also saved your life. He was just another officer in the Soviet union but on the 26th of September, 1983 Petrov was working at the command center Oko for nuclear early warning when the system reported that a missile had been launched from the united states followed by five more. Petrov thought the reports to be a false alarm, and his decision to disobey orders against Soviet military protocol, stopped the Soviet union from launching an enormous retaliatory nuclear attack on the United States and NATO. In other words he prevented a full-blown nuclear war that might have wiped out civilization. Be what you want to be, wether it’s a doctor or a teacher, as long as you help other people.

One thought on “The things I know: D-2

  1. Gah… I LOVE this post. I am absolutely amazed by your memory, Julian. How on earth you keep all this new information from not leaking out of your ears… Just astonishing! Any ideas about how you might want to make a difference in the very short run, on a very small scale? Like now or in the next month or whatever?


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