The things I know: D-3

Defence: Syria is a compleet and utter mess. Asad is trying to conquer his own country which is basically nothing more then rubble. The rebels are losing big time and nobody will help. Sure, The United States for example sends some troops now and then but the problem is (this is very infuriating to me) THEY ONLY SEND LITTLE TRICKLES OF TROOPS. If The United States sent al the troops they have sent so far to help at the same time then the rebels would probably already have won.

The problem with sending trickles is: 100 troops get sent to help the rebels. After 4 months they are all dead. Then they send another 100. After four months they are all dead. This keeps happening, lets say, 20 times. If al those 2000 troops would have been sent at once it would have gone better. Your either all in with helping or you don’t help. There is nothing in between.


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