The things I know: D-4

Denial: I hate it when people are in denial. They deny everything and everyone. At the moment my brother is in denial. He got frustrated at a video game and then took out his anger on me. Then he went stomping off to play video games, he locked all the doors and kept denying that he was over his screen-time. When people are in denial they don’t pay attention to the outside world. To me whenever people are in denial they trie to hold a grudge even when it’s not relevant anymore. When you are in denial you trie not to let it go. That is very, very irritating to me.

Here is the link to my moms blog:


2 thoughts on “The things I know: D-4

  1. Julian-
    I am loving your posts. They are getting better and better.
    I am finally taking the time to comment, though I want to each time.
    For this one, I have questions…
    If someone is in denial about something, does that mean they deny everything and everyone?
    What exactly was Ruben denying in your example?
    What are you in denial about?

    Keep ’em coming!
    Yours in denial,


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