The Things I know: F-2

Fortnite: Some of you may already know fortnite. For those of you who don’t, here is a quick introduction to fortnite:

Basically you begin by jumping out of a flying bus with a hangglider (that part isn’t very realistic). You fly to a spot on the map, get loot and then start killing people. I know, the last part probably sounds like every other game you’ve ever seen played. Fortunately fortnite also has some very unique features. These are also mostly why the game got so popular.

  • Its a hundred player game so its very hard to win. It also makes the gameplay not boring as in you have to look everywhere to find somebody.
  • You can build. There are three different materials: wood (the least strong), stone (pretty strong), metal (very strong). This may not seem like a big difference but you have a HUGE advantage if you build forts (hence the name: fortnite) so that other people can’t hit you.
  • Unlike pubg (a game that looks a lot like fortnite) fortnite is completely cartoonie. This may not seem like an advantage but it is, because way younger kids get to play fortnite now because there parents don’t think the graphics are too real and theres no blood.
  • Fortnite is free. This is also unlike pubg, whitch costs $29,99.

The reason that I’m comparing pubg so much to fortnite is because before fortnite got popular pubg had 40 million players. Now pubg has “only” 25 million and fortnite 50 million.

playstation and X-box are making a lot of money off of fortnite to. Of course Epic Games (the company that made fortnite) is making a lot to. The reason that ps and X-box are making money off of fortnite is because lots of people (three that I alone know) are buying ps or X-box purely to play fortnite on it.

Anyway those are my thoughts about fortnite, hope you enjoyd and here’s the link to my moms blog:


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