Muslim and Hindu ceremonies

For some strange reason whenever I think about ceremony’s I think about big Muslim or Hindu ceremonies. I think it’s just because I think those are the most impressive. I really admire muslims for their ceremony’s. Right now the Ramadan is going on and think it’s amazing how millions and millions of Muslims aren’t eating from the moment the sun goes up until it goes down to respect that they have food unlike other people in the world.

Ganesh Chaturthi is also a wonderful Hindu ceremony where hindus spend MONTHS working with their family to make an absolutely stunning statue of Ganesh, one of their most important gods. Ganesh-Chaturthi-OR-Vinayaka-Chaturthi-Story-Behind-This-Celebration

Ganesha is an elephant god that is the god of wisdom, remover of obstacles and protects travellers.

via Daily Prompt: Ceremony


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