The things I know: I-1

Illness: Mother nature is great and all but why did they have to make illnesses. I’m not talking about colds or even most fevers but things like cancer or Huntingtons disease. Everybody wants a new car, new smartphone, lose weight and have clothes of the newest fashion but all anybody with cancer wants is to get better. Yesterday I talked to someone whose wife had Huntingtons disease and sadly passed away. He has two children, both in their twenty’s. Of course his biggest worry are his children because it’s a fifty percent chance that the children of someone with huntingtons disease will also get huntingtons disease.

When you get huntingtons disease from your father it’s way worse than if you get it from your mother. It’s also worse for boys/men then for girls/women. His son wants children and now-a-days you can get the sperm/eggs that have huntingtons disease out and keep the ones without in. It’s very expensive to do that though (come on trump!!!). I admire this son because he will try to do that test but doesn’t want to know if he has huntingtons disease or not so he can live a normal life. In general I admire people with bad illnesses who just keep trying and fighting.


One thought on “The things I know: I-1

  1. Lovely post, Julian. You really listened when our friend was telling about the anxiety and tragedy (and hope and strength) involved in coping with such a serious illness. Luckily, Huntington’s Disease is extremely rare. I’ll bet that by the time you’re my age, it will be about as common as the Black Plague (ie. nonexistent).


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