The Eye of the sphinx: section 3

Ali was a fast learner and he quickly began to learn how to wield a sword and a spear. He trained every day for two years to improve everything he needed to get into the Sphinx. Eventually, the suspense got too much. He couldn’t stand the feeling that his sister may be suffering, or worse, dead. He told Mura how he wanted to go after them now and that he was ready. Mura responded “Are you sure you want to go now? What if you just disappear like everyone else?”

“I won’t, I’m ready to save my sister,” said Ali confidently.

“There is a test I made up and if you pass it then I will see if you are truly ready.”

“Ok then, what’s the test?”

“Are you sure you want to do it now?”

“Yes Yes, now tell me what it is!” shouted Ali.

“It will be dangerous,” Mura warned.


“It won’t be easy”


Mura told Ali about a different group that was similar to The Arcanum Umbra. It attempted to copy what they did by also kidnapping children except instead of using them for some unknown reason they sold them to The Arcanum Umbra. “This group is usually called ‘Opus’. It’s not as advanced in fighting and running as the Arcanum Umbra, but it should still be quite a handful for a boy like you. If you manage to get out of their base with a kidnapped child without my help, then Ali I deem you ready”

“Where is this base then?” Ali asked, sounding determined.

“You’ll have to figure that out for yourself. And if you ever want to find the entrance to the sphinx then you’ll need to learn some important interrogation skills because this is going to be easy compared to what comes next.”

The next day, Ali set out in town to find out where Opus was. He was looking for especially shady streets where some bad people might be hanging out. Of course, he knew exactly where to look because of the people he used to know and work with. He found a middle-aged man who looked like he may have some knowledge about gangs and cults.

“Hey, do you mind if I ask you a couple questions?”

“Well that depends on what kind of questions, boy.” said the man.

“Have you by chance ever heard of a group called Opus?”

“Who’s asking?”

“Just someone who has some business to take care of,” Will said a bit suspiciously.

“I’ve heard… rumours” The other man said.

“Have you seen anybody shady running a specific direction while dragging an unwilling person along?”

“Let me ask you a question boy. If I knew where Opus was then why would I tell someone like you? You know what, you know too much already, I guess I’ll have to kill you then.”

Suddenly the man pulled a knife out of his pocket and swung at Ali. Ali jumped out of the way just in time and he also drew his dagger. “We don’t have to do it this way,” Ali said, but the man wasn’t listening. He tried to swing at Ali again but Ali parried and that made the knife fall out of the man’s hand. Ali went up to him and put his dagger to the man’s throat and he surrendered. After some interrogating and maybe just a few threats Ali found out that this person works for Opus. A while later Ali finally got him to reveal the location of Opus.


The eye of the sphinx, section 2

Ali woke up thinking, for a few seconds, that he was at home on a normal day but when he looked around there was nothing familiar. Suddenly there was a huge blast of pain from his head and he remembered all of yesterday’s events. Ali assumed that he was in the man’s house that had taken him into that alleyway. Just as he was thinking this the man came in the room. “So, let’s start with introductions. My name is Mura and I’m 56 years old. Now you.”

“M-my name is Ali and I need to get to my sister quickly; she’s been kidnapped!”

“Woah! Now we’ll get to that later, besides that was 6 days ago.”

“WHAT! How am I ever going to catch up with the kidnappers and save my sister?”

“You’re not going to catch up with those guys before they reach their base. They’re probably already halfway to Kemet by now.”

“Well, then I need to get to Kemet fast because who knows what they will do to my sister.”

“You’re going to need training and you’re going to need some background on this cult that has kidnapped your sister”

“So are you willing to teach me this?”

“Well, all the other people I have helped have never come back so what makes you think you’ll be any different?”

“Please help me. I need to get to my sister. I swear I’ll be able to save her.”

Ali eventually convinced Mura to start teaching Ali basic fighting, endurance, and the weaknesses of this cult and what they do. Most people call this cult “The Arcanum Umbra”. It has around 700 members and their home base is in Kemet, but people only know that the entrance to it is somewhere in a sphinx, but no-one knows exactly where. They’re known to kidnap people with unusual ancestry, but nobody knows why. “Faster! Harder! Better!” Mura was not a very forgiving teacher. Over time while Ali was training with Mura he got to know a bit of Mura’s past. The reason that he knew so much about The Arcanum Umbra was because he also had a family member kidnapped and taken away. It was his mother and when she was taken he was only 10 years old; just old enough to know his mother well and love her a lot but just young enough to make the loss that much more devastating. He has tried but has never found his mother in all his years searching. She would have, of course, passed away by now. Mura has held a grudge against The Arcanum Umbra all his life because of this incident. That is why he was so willing to help any other who had gone through the same thing as him. He has helped other people before Ali and when he deemed them ready and they set off he has never seen them again. All this made Mura hard and he was determined not to fail again.

The Eye of The Sphinx By: Julian Lewis

This is the beginning of a short story I’m writing and every few days I will post a new passage.


135 B.C.



It was just a normal day in Omdurman. The streets were filled with traders, shopkeepers, apprentices, shoppers and mainly, beggars. This last category is what Ali’s family was. His grandmother is much too old to work. His sister Chione is only eight years old so she is too young to work. Both Ali’s parents died before he was born for unknown reasons, unknown by Ali at least. To pay for food, Ali’s grandmother and Chione beg throughout the day. So that leaves Ali. He is 14 and old enough to work but nobody will take him as an apprentice. This is because many people think he is cursed because of what happened to his parents. That leaves only one other job: Stealing.


Sometimes Ali got caught and sometimes he didn’t. Sometimes he came home beaten up and with no money and sometimes he came home with enough for a good meal for everybody. Ali was a very minor thief because most rich people had too many guards to steal from. His life has always been the same: Wake up, buy breakfast for everyone (if he had enough pearls), start his thieving, come home, have dinner (if he had enough pearls), and then go to bed.


One day he was coming home from his “job” and he passed by his sister’s usual begging spot, but she wasn’t there. He saw his grandmother on the ground. There was no heartbeat. There wasn’t a mark on her so he had no idea what had happened. It could have been natural causes, considering her age. Suddenly, he heard screaming and shouting from an alleyway and he started running towards it. “Chione, Chione!” Ali shouted. But a man was blocking the alleyway. Behind the huge man, he could see shady men taking his sister forwards. “Chione, I’m coming!” With the thieving skills and nimbleness of a fourteen-year-old Ali sprinted forwards and ducked under the huge man’s arm. He ran to catch up with the mysterious men, but they were well trained and it was hard to keep up. He still kept running and running but he was losing them and he was getting tired.


Suddenly, he was pulled into an alleyway by a strange man. In all his rage and panic, Ali was a bit delusional. “GET OFF ME YOU MONGREL, THEY HAVE MY SISTER AND I WAS ABOUT TO CATCH THEmmm…..” He trailed off as he realized he had been hit on the head with a  club. “I’m sorry,” the strange man said, “…but it is better this way”. Then everything went black.


Getting back to blogging

hey everyone I know it’s been a pretty long time but I’m gonna get back to blogging. The reason that I stopped for so long was because of a few things.

1. My grandfather got diagnosed with cancer and a few months ago he sadly passed away. Our family had to cleer a lot of things up and that took up some time.

2. Vacation had started and we went to France for a while so I didn’t really blog much because I don’t see my cousins and grandmother a lot so I hung out with them for most of the day.

3. We just started school and there was a lot of settling in to do because we are taking a sabbatical to Canada for six months and we just got in to a school at the last moment and we also had a lot of homework at the beginning. We also went on a camping trip for a week.


On an unrelated note I decided to stop “the things I know” because it was something my mom came up with to help me get going with blogging and so I would have an easy way to come up with ideas of what to write about. The problem was that near the end of when I stopped blogging it was holding me back instead of helping me. I had lots of ideas but it didn’t fit in the letter. Anyway I am going to get back to blogging now and hopefully every other day I will be able to post something if the homework isn’t overwhelming.


I LOVE Eurovision. You get the most unique songs that you would never hear on the radio or somethings like that. I only watched the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Eurovision contest but I did watch a lot of winners from the other years on youtube. I never vote for the people who basically just have normal everyday pop songs. This year I didn’t get why Sweden got so high with the judges points because it didn’t seem like anything special.

I was watching this playlist of all the winner and I got to about 1995. Until now my top five is: 1. Molitva (Serbia) 2. Sattelite (Germany) 3. Toy (Israel) 4. Rise like a Phoenix (Austria) 5. Fly on the wings of love (Denmark). Let me know in the comments what your favourites are.

The things I know: I-2

Ignorance: I find it quite funny when people refuse to admit their ignorance. There was a kid in my brothers class who used to keep lying about clash of clans (just a video game). Whenever we asked him like what level he was or how much damage blablabla did, he just kept saying for example that he was on level 150 when the highest level is 100.

Once to make sure he was really lying one of my friends and I did a test. We asked him if he had the new laser tower (doesn’t actually exist) and he said yes. Then we told him that it actually doesn’t exist. Here comes the part about not admitting ignorance. He was suddenly flustered and said he was mixing it up with something else but that didn’t matter because we now knew for sure he was lying.

Another funny example of not admitting ignorance is in the book I’m reading now (same book I talked about in my post about headology). Theres this witch, Granny Weatherwax, and she’s part of a little band of two other witches and her. She is the most respected and best witch who also never wants to admit her ignorance on a subject. At one point the youngest and most junior witch of the group starts talking about theatre.

Granny pretends to know what it is and luckily doesn’t say anything embarrassing. Then they go to watch a travelling troupe and Granny thinks everything is real so when the king in the play is killed she starts jumping up and down on her stool screaming: “He’s killed him, he’s killed him right there in front of everybody!!!!”. At some point the audience just started thinking it was al part of the act.


The things I know: I-1

Illness: Mother nature is great and all but why did they have to make illnesses. I’m not talking about colds or even most fevers but things like cancer or Huntingtons disease. Everybody wants a new car, new smartphone, lose weight and have clothes of the newest fashion but all anybody with cancer wants is to get better. Yesterday I talked to someone whose wife had Huntingtons disease and sadly passed away. He has two children, both in their twenty’s. Of course his biggest worry are his children because it’s a fifty percent chance that the children of someone with huntingtons disease will also get huntingtons disease.

When you get huntingtons disease from your father it’s way worse than if you get it from your mother. It’s also worse for boys/men then for girls/women. His son wants children and now-a-days you can get the sperm/eggs that have huntingtons disease out and keep the ones without in. It’s very expensive to do that though (come on trump!!!). I admire this son because he will try to do that test but doesn’t want to know if he has huntingtons disease or not so he can live a normal life. In general I admire people with bad illnesses who just keep trying and fighting.